Parastou Najaf

Associate faculty

Humanitarian Studies
Portrait of Parastou Najaf

Parastou Najaf is a scholar-practitioner in the field of disaster and emergency management. Her research focuses on disaster relief funding and exploring innovative and collaborative solutions to address the challenges of multilayered regulation systems and ensure that mitigation and recovery funds are allocated effectively. Her doctoral work examines the moral hazard problem created by the over-funding of disaster recovery in the United States and how a potential disaster deductible and credit policy can incentivize mitigation and balance the burden of fiscal reasonability.


Najaf has held various government and NGO positions across Canada and the United States. Her work during the last decade has included responding to multiple large and small emergencies and working with diverse groups of professionals. She was involved in developing, improving, and delivering various transportation, mitigation, disaster recovery funding, business continuity, and search and rescue programs. She is a long-time Canadian Red Cross and American Red Cross volunteer in the areas of government operations and external relations, serving those impacted by disasters. In her current role, Najaf is involved with multi-jurisdictional emergency management planning and programs and helping local and regional governments navigate the current mitigation funding system; and completing resilience projects.


In progress
PhD candidate in Emergency Management

Capella University

Master of Arts in Disaster and Emergency Management

Royal Roads University

Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Geography

Simon Fraser University