Owen Ferguson

Associate faculty

Education & Technology

Owen Ferguson is captivated with curricula: the official written document, covert curriculum, social curriculum and absent curriculum as each pertains to critical theory and social reconstruction. As a former K-12 teacher, he is especially interested in inclusive leadership as a means to engage all students in their pursuit of meaningful opportunities in life, and the uses of technology in formal and informal learning practices. His areas of study and expertise include the evolution of curricula design and how assessment practices influence curriculum design and delivery through instruction methods.



Ferguson has considerable experience as a teacher, mentor and curriculum designer in K-12 systems. He taught geography and academic writing in the Department of Business and Social Sciences at Dalhousie University for fifteen years. In addition, Ferguson has worked on a number of curriculum development projects related to social sciences and inclusive leadership practices. He has consulted on course design for various institutions and government agencies.


PhD in Educational Curriculum and Instruction

University of Southern Mississippi

Master of Arts in the History of Education

Saint Mary’s University

Bachelor of Education

Acadia University

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

Acadia University