Nidal Mousa

Associate faculty


Nidal Mousa joined Royal Roads University as an associate faculty member in January 2020. He teaches applied research and business analytics, and corporate and international finance courses for Master of Global Management students. His teaching goal is to inspire students in applying finance and business analytic research methods to make their organizations financially healthier, socially responsible, and create enhanced choices for them and for future generations. Mousa’s research fields are applied research, financial analysis and planning. He is active in MBA case development. Mousa has published two financial cases with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and two cases with Nahariyah College. He also has more than 15 years of industry experience in financial analysis and planning and trade financing. Mousa has been certified as a Certified Financial Planner by the Canadian Institute of Financial Planners (2019).


Mousa has broad theoretical and practical teaching experience at business schools and financial institutions in Canada and Israel. He has taught finance and banking courses at Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Nahariyah College. Mousa was a visiting scholar at Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel, before relocating to Canada. He has also worked at Scotia Bank, CIBC and Investors Group in different senior planning and consulting positions.


Master of Global Management

Royal Roads University

Master of Business Administration

Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

Bachelor of Economics

Nankai University of Haifa, Israel