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Loni Davis

Loni Davis


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Loni Davis is an educator and consultant whose research is focused on the intersection of new technologies, shifting boundaries and social change. Her dissertation study looked at how mobile practices are shifting the boundaries of the workplace and changing the way we work and learn. Davis lives with her husband in Los Altos, California, where she runs a consulting practice in organizational and leadership development. She also teaches at the University of San Francisco.


Davis is committed to student development and has served in a number of related roles over the last five years including student governance, student development, and cluster connect for Fielding Graduate University’s PhD students living in the greater San Francisco area. She continues to advise a number of dissertation students. Davis spent a decade teaching English and history to a multi-ethnic community of middle school students in East Los Angeles. After receiving a master’s in educational psychology, she became immersed in human dynamics and focused on counselling, coaching, and working with groups in numerous organizations. In her work as a consultant, Davis focused on organization design, leadership development and organizational change. A large part of her consulting work in change and development has concentrated on the human aspects of adopting and adapting to new technologies.


Davis holds a PhD and an MA from Fielding Graduate University's School of Human and Organization Development. She earned a master of arts in education psychology from California State University and a BA from the School of Letters and Science at the University of California at Los Angeles. She has K-12 and adult teaching credentials (life) from UCLA's Graduate School of Information and Education. Davis also holds pupil personnel services credential (clear) from the School of Educational Psychology at California State University, Northridge.