Ken Jeffery

Associate faculty

Education & Technology

Ken Jeffery's interest in building engaging, constructivist learning environments and a desire to find new opportunities for student-centred learning brings him to Royal Roads as both an instructional designer in CTET and an associate faculty member. With an interest in learning design, educational technology and faculty development, Jeffery is eager to support active, socially constructive learning. He aims to follow best practices for technology that enable rich collaboration in supportive learning environments. He believes that people can learn best through building relationships, not just with the material, but with each other.



With many years of teaching experience and a rich background in visual communications, Jeffery brings an enthusiasm for student-centred learning to the modern classroom. By supporting and engaging students as an instructor, program head and mentor, Jeffery helps students succeed through active discovery and experiential learning. He is also a keen advocate for the use of open educational resources and open pedagogy. 



Master of Arts in Learning and Technology

Royal Roads University