Julie Johnston

Associate faculty

Interdisciplinary Studies

Julie Johnston is a lifelong educator whose work focuses on “greening” the heart of education. At Royal Roads, Johnston teaches on practical applications of sustainable development, using a team-based learning approach.



Johnston is a retired teacher who has taught at the K-12 and adult levels and has trained student teachers. She currently works with educators around the world as a sustainability coach and consultant with GreenHeart Education, which gives teachers resources to “green” their classrooms, curriculum and school community.



Master of Adult Education in Environmental Adult Education and Sustainable Development Learning

St. Francis Xavier University

Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Adult Education

University of British Columbia

Bachelor of Education in Outdoor and Experiential Education

Queen's University

Bachelor of Arts in French Language and Literature

Glendon College, York University

Diploma in Community Journalism

Sheridan College


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