Juana Du

Professor, Master of Arts in Intercultural and International Communication

Communication & Culture

Juana Du is a professor for the Master of Arts in Intercultural and International Communication program. She draws on personal experience from working in Beijing, Hong Kong, Germany, the United States and Canada to frame the way she studies culture, communication and organizations. Her research interests include improving intercultural communication in a globalized world, cross-cultural adaptation of international students, expatriate training and relocation, organizational diversity and culture, organizational learning and knowledge management, and subsidiaries of multinational enterprises and innovation. She is fluent in Chinese and Cantonese.

She is particularly inspired by how cultural perceptions and assumptions fundamentally impact human beings’ connection, interaction, adaptation, and learning. Her research looked into experiences in transition, e.g., different groups of sojourners, including expatriates and international students, both at an individual and group level. She studied communication, culture, and innovation issues in a variety of contexts, e.g., multilingual organizations, multinational corporations, as well as multicultural communities. She is deeply inspired by collective and organizational learning during change and transition, and has examined questions related to cultural change during merger and acquisitions, knowledge transfer and sharing, organizational learning, etc.


Du has taught undergraduate and graduate courses in the areas of intercultural communication, interpersonal communication, organizational communication, research methods, and supervised graduate student projects and PhD dissertations. She has acted as an organizational communication research consultant for multinational organizations, and provided strategic and tactical advice on employee communication, talent management and development, multi-cultural teams, innovation and IDEA topics. Du was a post-doctorate researcher at the Polytechnic Institute of New York University (the U.S.), and a visiting scholar at Techinische Universitat Bergakademie Freiberg (Germany), Ohio University (the U.S.) and University of York (UK).

She has presented at many international academic conferences, and published about 30 book chapters and journal articles. She has been on the organizing committee of leading international academic conferences, including her role as Caucus Chair for the Academy of Management (AOM 2020, 2023), Track Chair for the Academy of International Business - Northeast chapter (AIB-NE, 2019-2023), and member of Inclusion, Diversity, Equity & Access (IDEA) committee of International Communication Association (ICA) (2024-2026).


M.S. Human Resource Management

New York University

PhD Intercultural and organizational communication

Hong Kong Baptist University

M.A. Global Communication

Peking University

B.A.Chinese language and literature

Peking University


Research interest

The impact of cultural perceptions and assumptions on human beings’ connection, interaction, adaptation, and learning.

Experiences in transition, e.g.,sojourners groups, including expatriates and international students.

Communication, culture, and innovation in multilingual organizations, multinational corporations, and multicultural communities.