Jonathan Menold

Associate faculty

Tourism & Hospitality Management

Jonathan Menold is an associate faculty member at Royal Roads University. He has experience in economic development, including working on tourism-related issues. Jonathan has been a guest lecturer at Simon Fraser University and the University of Victoria.

He has worked for the BC Public Service for more than 12 years and served as the president of the Institute of Public Administration of Canada (Vancouver) from 2018-19. Jonathan is interested in how government policy shapes economic environments for private firms in tourism including regulation, taxation and economic stimulus.


Prior to joining Royal Roads as an associate faculty member, Jonathan conducted research on the flow of investment from foreign countries into Canada within the accommodation and hospitality sector.

He has experience working for the Ministry of Tourism, Arts, Culture and Sport, serving as Director, Economics and Analysis for Tourism.


Master of Public Administration

University of Victoria

Bachelor, Faculty of Human and Social Development

University of Victoria


Ted Whelen Scholar Award

University of Victoria

Faculty Award for Academic Achievement

University of Victoria