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Jennifer Smith

Jennifer Smith


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Business, Humanitarian Studies, Environment and Sustainability


Jennifer Smith is a Victoria-based lawyer, educator, researcher and administrative tribunal member. Her professional and academic works reflect an interest in, and commitment to, social and environmental justice issues. In particular, Smith’s academic research includes exploring the intersection of human migration and environmental justice and the role of law, sovereignty and governance in this space. Smith’s work and research reflect a passion for practical research and education in the areas of ethics and professional responsibility and access to justice.


Smith has practical and teaching experience in a variety of law and justice areas. Her law practice has primarily related to administrative law areas, including environment and immigration, with more diverse subject area experience as a research lawyer. In her work with legal education and training, Smith has worked primarily at the undergraduate level, but also teaches and develops curricula for graduate students, lawyers and the public.


Smith holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Calgary (2003), a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Victoria (2008) and a Master of Laws from the University of Victoria (2011). Smith is also a PhD (Doctor of Philosophy in Law & Society) candidate at the University of Victoria’s faculty of law. She has been a recipient of several awards and scholarships including: University of Victoria Graduate Fellowship, Law Society of British Columbia Scholarship, Law Foundation Graduate Fellowship, a SSHRC-funded Masters Studentship, and Davis LLP Prize in Environmental Law.