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Jeffrey Orr

Jeffrey Orr


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Communication and Culture


Jeffrey Orr is a researcher and educator for the Bachelor of Arts in Professional Communication (BAPC). His research examines verbal and visual ways of making meaning. Orr's latest research focuses on border crossing narratives and how they define Canadian identity as part of the Culture and the Canada/US Border international research project. Orr also studies rhetorical strategies of intercultural communication between groups such as government and private enterprise. His passion is photography’s relationship to cultural inheritance. Orr teaches communication history and cultural studies, as well as in the International Study Centre. He has lived and taught in Ireland, the UK, Japan and Turkey and is involved with the development of international cultural societies.


Orr has taught with the Bachelor of Arts in Professional Communication program since 2012. Prior to joining Royal Roads, he was assistant professor at Beykent University, Turkey, and assistant professor at Fatih University in Turkey. Orr was the editor of Poetry & Audience Magazine, UK.


Orr holds a PhD in visual/verbal rhetoric and postcolonial writing from the University of Leeds, UK. He earned an MA from Queen's University, Belfast, and a BA from the University of British Columbia.