Gordon White

Associate faculty

Communication & Culture

Gordon White takes a transformative orientation to the conflict experience and what it offers to the growth of both individuals and organizations. He contends that becoming more competent at conflict engagement and conflict resolution entails responding more effectively to oneself, as well as responding more effectively to others. White blogs regularly on topics relevant to conflict engagement and organizational dynamism.



White has maintained a general mediation practice for 20 years that encompasses court files, bullying, divorce, restorative justice, multigenerational family dynamics and natural resource utilization issues. In the past decade he has increasingly been retained in the context of team development and workplace assessment initiatives. White has instructed at the Justice Institute of BC for 14 years and has been teaching a course on Conflict Analysis and Management at Royal Roads for eight years.



Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield, Iowa

Bachelor of Science in Zoology (Hons)

University of Guelph