Gillian Kerr

Adjunct professor, Master of Arts in Environment and Management

Environment & Sustainability

Gillian Kerr has worked within Canada's environment community for almost 30 years as an ecological economist and environmental policy expert. She is also an active researcher, teacher, supervisor, and champion of understanding the value of nature. Currently Gillian works at the Smart Prosperity Institute as a Senior Researcher and teaches at RRU.  Before that, she worked for Alberta Environment for 12 years and has worked as an academic, consultant and within several areas of the environmental non-profit sector. 


  • Integrated natural science, economics and social sciences for policy and planning
  • Applied ecosystem services & nature based solutions 
  • Environmental and ecological economic research and analysis
  • Strategic thinking and analysis
  • Environmental policy and strategy design
  • Project planning, budget and execution 


Postdoctoral Fellow. Ocean Frontier Institute's Future Ocean and Coastal Infrastructures (FOIC), Work Package 6

Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Postdoctoral Fellow. ResNet Theme 1

McGill University, Montreal, Quebec

Doctor of Philosophy, Interdisciplinary Graduate Studies Program. Critical analysis of the policy implementation gap in Alberta in using market-based instruments for environmental management.

University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta

Master of Environmental Management (Arts)

Royal Roads University, Victoria, British Columbia

2009 & 2014
Instructional Skills Workshop (ISW) Teaching in a Classroom (2009) and Teaching On-Line (2014) Completed. These 10 week courses provide instructors with the skills to teach face to face and on-line courses.

Royal Roads University, Victoria, British Columbia

Bachelor of Environmental Science (Distinction)

Royal Roads University, Victoria, British Columbia

Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing and Economics

Mount Allison University, Saskville, New Brunswick


Research interest

Green infrastructure, ecosystem services and nature based solutions

Climate change community resilience

The nexus between community and climate solutions


Sutton, K.; Tonge, C; Berglund, L., Kerr, G. & K. Sherren (2022). Coastal resident perceptions of nature-based adaptation options in Nova Scotia. Canadian Geographer.

Scott, B., Hill, N., Belliveau, A., Churchill, J., Klymko, J., Basquill, S., Brazner, J., McLean, K. & G. Kerr (2022). The Annapolis Valley Sand Barrens: An Introductory Guide (VERSION 1). 

Kerr, G, Hotzer, J.; Baird, J. & G. Hickey (2021).  On the uptake of ecosystem services decision support tools by government actors in Canada. Facets. 

Kerr, G. & Bjornlund, H., (2018). The social discourses on market-based instruments to manage non-point-source water pollution in the Oldman River Basin, southern Alberta. Water International, 43:3, 336-348. DOI: /10.1080/02508060.2018.1429882 

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