G. Kristina Sviderskyte

Associate faculty

Communication & Culture
Tourism & Hospitality Management
Environment & Sustainability

Kristina is a journalist (MJ) and historian (Ph. D.) with a veteran experience in strategic and mass communication and research focus on memory and heroism studies.

Drawing on her multidisciplinary background and expertise, she investigates complex, impactful, sensitive and often controversial cases of memory (trans-)formation, transmission and distortion.

Kristina has contributed to the increasingly transnational field of memory studies, launching large-scale research in Lithuania, Germany and the US and untangling the century-old riddles embedded in the Lithuanian national narrative and identity.

She was awarded for her innovative approach to building extensive collaborative networks, integrating interdisciplinary and experimental methods, and distributing scientific knowledge.


Kristina is an internationally trained communicator, project lead and researcher. She has a background in social sciences and humanities, and experience working in Europe, the USA and Canada.

Kristina is an award-winning senior news anchor and correspondent, author of four books and 20 investigative documentaries, and a scholar and science communicator.

Having earned more than 18 awards and honours, and pursued continuous education, Kristina is a seasoned pathfinder and life-long learner dedicated to interdisciplinary collaboration, innovative problem-solving and transformative change.

She either studies and develops her next research project, takes care of her family artwork collection, or explores hidden trails, hiking and backpacking.

Memberships and Committees
  • Postdoctoral fellowship via European Social Fund, EU – Research Council of Lithuania, 2017-2019
  • CNN Journalism fellowship, 2002


Ph. D. in Modern History

Vilnius University

MA in Journalism

Institute of Journalism, Vilnius University


1st prize (Humanities), National contest of doctorates '16

Lithuanian Academy of Sciences

2012; 2014
Ph. D. grant; scholarship for academic achievements

Research Council of Lithuania

2002; 2023
World Report Award Finalist


World Report Award Winner