Eric Zvaniga

Associate faculty

Tourism & Hospitality Management

Eric Zvaniga’s experience has been in the management discipline for the past seven years. He has focused on managerial thought, ethics, management information systems, and negotiation skills at the University of British Columbia, Okanagan Campus - Faculty of Management. During this time, Zvaniga taught undergraduate students in various faculties, along with international student cohorts on both UBC campuses who were interested in exploring the principles of management.

His research explores tourists’ experiences in all seasonal settings to develop involvement and place attachment to a destination. The knowledge gained supports the transformation of the ever-changing global tourism industry.


Zvaniga’s professional experience is formed across different industries and entrepreneurial engagements. Multiple industry roles provide a unique insight into strategic approaches impacting transformation. Tourism and hospitality approaches to strategy and planning are not uncommon. He has examined ideation and vision creation to find future pivots; these assist in forming organizations, goals, culture, and long-range sustainability actions. Engaged as the global data strategy and governance manager at Cisco Systems, Inc., his skills and knowledge form a base for constructing strategic plans.


Doctor of Business Administration, Tourism

Athabasca University

MBA in Project Management

Athabasca University

Post Baccalaureate in Management

Athabasca University



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