Dianne Yee

Associate faculty, Master of Arts in Educational Leadership and Management

Education & Technology

Throughout her educational career, Dianne has worked in both the K-12 system and in post-secondary. Dianne is currently also working as an associate professor, limited term for Western University and teaching online courses in their Doctor of Education program.  At the post secondary level, she has served as an adjunct professor and sessional instructor for Western University, the University of Calgary, the University of Regina, and Saskatchewan Institute for Applied Science and Technology (SIAST) instructing graduate courses in educational leadership, organizational change, policy and governance, educational technology, special education, and research methods. A lifelong lover of literature and books, she regularly reviews manuscripts for Solution Tree publishers.


During her K-12 career, she taught from Kindergarten to Grade 12 in 5 different school boards in Saskatchewan and Alberta, with a particular focus on middle school and high school. She was a high school English teacher and guidance counsellor before moving into leadership positions. Then she spent 15+ years as principal of five very different secondary schools. After working in a number of system leadership roles including System Principal for Secondary Schools, Director of Instructional Design and Assessment, and Area Director with Calgary Board of Education, she recently served as Superintendent of School Improvement. Her work focussed on research-based evidence of improvement in student outcomes related to academic achievement, intellectual engagement and well being for learning, as well as evidence of improvement in teacher and leader capacity. 


Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Leadership and Educational Technology

University of Calgary

Master of Education in Educational Psychology and Educational Administration

University of Saskatchewan

Bachelor of Education in Secondary English and Educational Psychology

not listed


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