Dave Hutton

Associate faculty

Humanitarian Studies

Dr. Dave Hutton has extensive experience in emergency management and humanitarian programming, having served with the Public Health Agency of Canada and the United Nations over the past two decades. He is currently the director of Planning and Provincial Initiatives for Health Emergency Management British Columbia, a program of the Provincial Health Service Authority. Hutton has extensive programming experience in disaster and humanitarian settings, including program development and evaluations focusing principally on mental health and psychosocial support to refugees and displaced persons. He holds an interdisciplinary doctorate degree from the Disaster Research Institute at the University of Manitoba and has contributed to the field of disaster studies and emergency management through research and publications.





Hutton has almost 20 years of professional experience with government and the United Nations developing and leading emergency management and humanitarian programs. This includes 10 years with the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) in Palestine where he served as deputy director of operations for the West Bank and the head of the Community Mental Health Programme in the Gaza Strip. During this time, Hutton oversaw strategic planning, programmatic reforms and restructurings, and the operational management of education, health and social services provided to Palestine refugees. Prior to UNRWA, Hutton worked with the Centre for Emergency Preparedness and Response of the Public Health Agency of Canada, leading emergency social services as well as serving as the senior advisor for programming and coordination. In response to major disasters and humanitarian crises, Hutton has also completed numerous missions around the world including in Banda Aceh, Chad, Ingushetia, Kosovo, Pakistan, Jordan and New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina.


Master of Education and an interdisciplinary doctorate

University of Manitoba