Clayton Smith

Associate faculty

Education & Technology

Clayton Smith is an Associate Professor at the University of Windsor in the Faculty of Education. Smith's research interests include Strategic Enrolment Management, internationalization of higher education, promising practices for teaching international students, student success of special student populations, and mentoring in higher education He spent 35 years engaged in higher education administration at four post-secondary education institutions in Canada and the U.S. Over the course of his career, Smith has amassed significant knowledge and expertise in the areas of enrolment management, internationalization of higher education, and student success.


Clayton Smith worked in a variety of roles during his time at the University of Windsor, including associate professor, vice-provost (student affairs and dean of students), vice-provost (students and international) and vice-provost (students and registrar).

Smith also worked at the State University of New York College of Agriculture & Technology at Cobleskill as the director of admissions and enrollment management. 

Prior to that, Smith worked at Tallahassee Community College as the assistant director of enrollment services, as well as the University of Maine at Augusta as the director of admissions and records, director of admissions and assistant director of admissions. 


Certificate of Online and Open Learning

University of Windsor

University Teaching Certificate

University of Windsor

Doctor of Education in Higher Education

Florida State University

Master of Public Administration

University of Maine

Master of Arts in Political Science

Drew University

Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

Drew University


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