Chris Kilford

Associate faculty

Leadership Studies

Chris Kilford served for 36 years in the Canadian Armed Forces as an army officer. In the latter part of his career, he specialized in foreign and defence policy issues. In addition to his general experience as a senior officer, Kilford has expertise in leadership and management, strategic planning, conflict analysis, peace operations and global governance issues. He is also a recognized expert on Turkish foreign policy and Middle Eastern political issues. His book chapters, articles and opinion pieces have appeared in numerous Canadian and international publications.


Since retiring from the military in 2014, Kilford has taken on key roles with the Canadian International Council and is a member of the national board and president of the Victoria branch. He is also a Fellow with the Queen’s Centre for International and Defence Policy and a sessional instructor with the Canadian Forces College teaching online courses focused on geopolitical issues. Kilford held numerous senior positions with the Department of National Defence, including Acting Director Future Security Analysis and Military Liaison Officer with the Senate Committee on National Security and Defence. He also served as the Deputy Military Attaché to Afghanistan in 2009-2010 and later as the Canadian Defence Attaché to Turkey in 2011-2014.


PhD in History

Queen's University

Master of Arts in Defence Studies

Royal Military College of Canada

Master of Arts in War Studies

Royal Military College of Canada

Bachelor of Arts

University of Manitoba