Brian P. White

Program head, Bachelor of Arts in Global Tourism Management

Tourism & Hospitality Management

Brian’s research and consulting work in British Columbia includes destination development, community tourism strategic planning, Tourism and Hospitality educational system design, garden tourism sectorial development, cultural and arts-based planning, and First Nations eco-tourism planning. International experience includes human resource policy and planning, community capacity-building, cultural tourism, garden tourism, and eco-tourism initiatives. Consulting and research contracts with a variety of clients have been successfully undertaken in Vietnam, China, Bulgaria, France, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Guam, Thailand, and Costa Rica.

After completing his MA at SFU in 1972, he founded the Outdoor Recreation Management department at Capilano College in 1972 and the Tourism Management department in 1986.

His personal interests include a lifetime passion for nature, horticulture, and hiking. For over four decades, he was involved in mountaineering and wilderness expeditions.


Prior to moving to RRU he was senior faculty member and Coordinator at Capilano College Tourism and Outdoor Recreation Department (now University) from 1972 until 2007 and in his last ten years worked with the University of British Columbia in cloud forest horticultural research in Vietnam. He developed tourism labour force policy for the World Travel and Tourism Council, where he was the senior human resource policy advisor from 1997 to 2001. Besides focusing on Community Tourism research, He has been heavily involved in program administration at RRU as School of Tourism and Hospitality Management Director 2007-214; Acting Dean of the Faculty of Management 2014-2015; MATM Program Head 2015-2020; and Program Head BAGTM 2020. 


PhD in Human Geography

Simon Fraser University


William Van Horne Visionary Award

BC Tourism Industry Conference

Educator of the Year

Canadian Tourism Industry


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