Bev McPhee

Associate faculty

As a senior executive responsible for large business units in global organizations, Bev McPhee has led specialized corporate development initiatives including strategic business transformations and organizational effectiveness reviews. She regularly leads cross-functional teams and has assumed operational accountability for more than 500 staff members.


With more than 15 years’ experience in management consulting and advisory roles, McPhee’s client list spans diverse sectors including IT services, energy/utilities/mining, manufacturing, transportation, natural resources, health, education and social services. A popular keynote speaker, she has been widely recognized for her contributions in the fields of leadership, technology and innovation, change management, culture, communications and organizational development.


McPhee holds a Master of Business Administration from Royal Roads University and received the RRU Chancellor’s Award for the highest academic achievement in the 2002 MBA cohort.


Master of Business Administration

Royal Roads University


RRU Chancellor’s Award

For the highest academic achievement in the 2002 MBA cohort.