Arash Kanani

Associate faculty

Environment & Sustainability

Arash Kanani is a registered professional engineer in BC who works for the BC Ministry of Citizens’ Services as a project lead. Throughout his career he has developed advanced skill sets in teaching and mentoring in academia, as well as engineering and project management in industry.


In addition to Kanani’s work as an engineer, he is an experienced instructor. His teaching experiences include five years as a lab instructor in hydraulics in the civil engineering department of Queen’s University (2009-2014) and one year as a sessional lecturer in hydraulics and hydrology in the civil engineering department at the University of Victoria (2017-18). Kanani has been teaching in environmental hydrology and remediation in the School of Environment and Sustainability at Royal Roads since 2018.


PhD in Civil Engineering in water resources

Queen’s University

Master of Science in Civil Engineering (Water Resources Engineering)

Sharif University of Technology

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering

Iran University of Science and Technology


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