Adam R. Houston

Associate faculty

Humanitarian Studies

Adam’s interests lie at the intersection of health, human rights and global development, with an emphasis on law and policy. His focuses include global health governance, infectious disease law and policy, and access to medicines. Of particular interest is the application of global health principles (e.g., the human right to health) in high-income states.


Adam has lived and worked across Canada and around the world with organizations like the Pacific Islands AIDS Foundation, Avocats sans frontières Canada and with the Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti in their litigation against the United Nations over the Haitian cholera epidemic. He currently serves as medical policy/advocacy officer for Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières Canada.


PhD(c) (Law)

University of Ottawa

LL.M (Health Law - Global Health & Justice)

University of Washington

MA in Global Development Studies

Queen's University

Juris Doctor

University of Victoria

Bachelor of Science (Hons.) in Psychology

University of Alberta


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