Paula Lewis

Master of Arts in Tourism Management

This educational journey was about pursuing my dreams.

I’m from the Caribbean, the world’s most tourism-dependent area. As part of a developing region, we face some unique challenges, and I wanted to be part of the solution.

 While I had several years of experience in the industry, I needed to gain additional critical skills, training and knowledge to make a worthwhile contribution to the development and sustainability of the tourism industry in my country and the region. Royal Roads University gave me all that, and more.

A diverse and supportive cohort, qualified instructors, excellent internship opportunities, field trips and a beautiful campus all made for an amazing learning experience while adding to the academic program.

My Royal Roads education has helped me enhance my credibility and influence as a tourism professional. But earning a Master of Arts in Tourism Management was not just about gaining more knowledge; it was about fulfilling a promise to myself and being a good example for my sons.

I learned a lot about myself in terms of my skills, personality, strengths and weaknesses. As a result, I have a better understanding of where I can add value within an organization and beyond.