Project 25 — a podcast for the quarter-life crisis

Andrea Juárez stands in front of a snowy background smiling. Photo credits to Aron Diaz.

Andrea Juárez is 26 years old and does not have it all figured out.

That was the impetus for Project 25, the podcast she launched in April 2022 while studying in Royal Roads University’s Bachelor of Arts in Professional Communication program.

Juárez, who will graduate this fall, has recorded 28 episodes in which she speaks with a variety of guests — from a New York Times bestselling author and award-winning journalists to her own parents — about the experiences and wisdom they gained from their tumultuous 20s. 

What’s special about your 20s?

“It’s when you’re starting to become an adult, and it can be really difficult,” says Juárez.

“Life just changes. You start working, you see your friends less often… Things don’t live up to your expectations and there are many disappointments.”

At the same time, “You’re making decisions that are going to affect the course of your life.”

The Alberta resident previously studied journalism and now works as Communications Coordinator for the Calgary Real Estate Board.

 “Self-doubt is common… These feelings are normal, they’re valid and it’s important to face them.

Juárez says the podcast grew out of pondering the societal and social media pressures to have life figured out as a young adult, and from discussions with friends who told her they shared her feelings of uncertainty and fear of the future.

“What I’m trying to be is an understanding voice,” she explains. “I wanted to accompany others in their incredibly illuminating quarter-life crisis and provide validation about how things feel. And at the same time, when I’m interviewing people who have been through this, it’s also a way to honour their stories — what they’ve done and what they’ve learned.”

Among the lessons she has learned so far: “Self-doubt is common… These feelings are normal, they’re valid and it’s important to face them. Think about what you’re going to do, what you appreciate and what you value, and what direction you want your life to go. And you don’t have to do it right away.”

Another lesson covered in the podcast, for when life seems overwhelming: “This is just the first crisis, there are many to come. Make as many mistakes as possible. Don’t be afraid of failure.”Also: “Be in the present because you’ll never live this again.”

Juárez, who immigrated to Canada from her native Mazatlán, Mexico a week before her 19th birthday, says, “My 20s have been a rollercoaster. They’ve been exciting but, you know, like a rollercoaster, it has its ups and downs. It’s been fun but also scary.”

But the podcasts — all recorded in English, some also in Spanish — have helped, she says, adding one lesson she particularly takes to heart: “I’ve learned to just find the magic in the unknown.”

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