President Steenkamp: What I hope the graduating class really learned here

No matter what program you’re graduating from, no matter what discipline you studied, no matter what the words on your diploma say, what I hope you really learned over your time here was changemaking.

Graduates: you’ve done it. 

Now comes the time when you find the people who share your sense of possibility and hope, and combine and coordinate your efforts.

Changemaking can be slow; it can be frustrating; it can be complex and convoluted, and above all else, hard. But the one thing it isn’t, is impossible.

There will be moments when that hope flags. When it does, I hope you’ll remember this place. Not just what you’ve learned here, as important as that is, but Royal Roads University itself.

Now, you are part of a network of Royal Roads alumni, faculty and colleagues that spans the globe. We are change.

I do, however, have a final assignment for you.

I want to ask you to take the courage and inspiration you found here and share it with others. 

Be the hope. Be the inspiration. Make the change. Be your beautiful, determined selves.

And know that all of us here, are cheering you on.