President Steenkamp: The future of food (security)

Last week, the first harvest of 2023 was delivered straight from the Farm at RRU to Our Place Society for their New Roads Therapeutic Recovery community. I’m grateful to everyone who made this happen.

Community gardens like RRU’s Giving Garden are one part of a solution to a growing issue around the world, and as we’ve seen lately in the media, for students and community members here on Vancouver Island.

Food security.

It was the topic of my recent Op-Ed in the Vancouver Sun, where I argue the days of leaving food security questions to other people are over. We must work collectively to address this issue.

Few know that better than Dr. Robert Newell, who is the Canada Research Chair in Climate Change, Biodiversity and Sustainability.

In my video message this week, I speak with him about everything from mealworm farming to cellular agriculture, as we discuss the big issues around food production, climate change and the future of farming.