Ling on cities roles in climate change and biodiversity loss

Head shot of Chris Ling with a bush in the background

Sustainable community development expert Dr. Chris Ling, program head of both Royal Roads’ Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Science and Bachelor of Science in Environmental Practice, discusses in Shareable how Sen̓áḵw, a new Vancouver development that will be Canada’s first large-scale net zero carbon housing, could signify a way forward when it comes to urban planning.

Here’s some of what he had to say:

“Cities are both the biggest challenges, but also perhaps the biggest potential for addressing some of the big challenges we face globally of things like climate change, biodiversity loss,” says Dr. Chris Ling. “The more that we can enable people to live without cars, then the more likely they are to be making use of active transportation options, which is physically healthier,” he said. “On the mental health side, just the presence of green space within the development is a really good step forward.” 

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