Latest Dene Heroes book celebrated by Sahtu

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The Dene Heroes book series edited by School of Business Assoc. Faculty Mary-Anne Neal was featured on APTN and Cabin Radio after the publication of its fourth volume. The  project, funded by the Arctic Inspiration Prize, was designed to improve literacy and promote pride in the five Sahtu communities living in the vicinity of Great Bear Lake.

Here are excerpts:

[President of Ayoni Keh Land Corporation David] Codzi said a lack of stories about Sahtu residents' contributions to exploration, science and innovation, and peoples' daily lives was the impetus behind the Dene Heroes publishing project.

The books have become an intergenerational project, Neal said, with contributors aged 10 to 80. Some stories from young people describe heroes in their lives, some are tributes to family members, and others are memories from residential school survivors.

Similar to other communities in the Sahtu, locally published works are not widely available in school curriculum....The Dene Heroes books are not for sale, but can be found in Sahtu school libraries and housed in several libraries across the territory, with many future stories waiting to be written.

The story appeared on APTN News and Cabin Radio.