How scientists talk about climate affects marginalized people

Leighton Gull headshot, in a hat and sunglasses, standing on a BC beach with the sand and water in the background.

So many people are talking about climate change, but Leighton Gall, a recent Métis graduate from Royal Roads’ Graduate Certificate in Science and Policy of Climate Change and current student in the Master of Global Management, argues we need to change how we talk about climate policy.

Here is some of what he had to say in Education News Canada:

“I'm trying to take my research, the business side and the climate side, and make it a little bit more simple for people to understand, because I think that's really how we're going to get the buy-in. Let's make it more accessible and make sure nobody's getting left behind, and everybody understands," Gall says. "Part of my research was to explain these concepts from an Indigenous perspective. Sometimes we get caught up as researchers explaining things from a Western perspective. Indigenous people are natural storytellers and that's how they receive information.”

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