David Black on BC Liberal Party name change

Head shot of David Black with forest in background

With the BC Liberal Party wrapping up their convention over the weekend and leader Kevin Falcon bringing up the idea of a possible name change, political communications expert Assoc. Prof. David Black discussed the history of the party in BC and why they are looking to re-brand on CFAX 1070 Afternoons with Ryan Price.

Here is some of what he has to say:

“You have a new leader, who was a central player in the B.C. Liberal Party as finance minister, among others, returning after a decade in the wilderness, in the private sector with new ideas and a new vision,” says Black. “You have a wholesale kind of undercurrent here, rethinking of what center right politics generally means, not just in BC, but in Canada, the United States and in Western Europe at a time of a kind of insurgent conservative populism. This is a time when center right politicians and center right voters are really thinking about who they are. In the case of the B.C. liberals wanting a name that reflects this this identity.”

Listen to the full interview.