Michael Lickers

Doctor of Social Sciences

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Royal Roads University offers the opportunity to live your learning.

"I am a teacher of Aboriginal issues, and work in Indigenous communities around the globe sharing our program and key philosophies. My current work involves the education of Indigenous youth leaders. The Doctor of Social Sciences program and Royal Roads University allow students to actively employ what they are learning in their workplace. My studies will allow Indigenous youth to have a dynamic voice in what leadership is to them, how they recognize leadership from an Indigenous perspective and what characteristics construct a prodigious Indigenous youth leader.

Faculty here are generously supportive and extremely knowledgeable of contemporary global requirements in today’s world, and to the nature of interdisciplinary programming. They are willing and competent to guide and challenge you to contemplate outside of what you muse.

This university is like no other and offers the opportunity to “live your learning”, actively put into practice what you are learning - and that simple fact has continued to engage me on a path of lifelong learning, being a part of Royal Roads University alumni and as a continuing student.”