Medical Leave of Absence

Regulation type

Students unable to continue their studies due to a medical condition may be granted a "Medical Leave of Absence" (MLOA) from the university for a pre-determined period of time, subject to the provision of medical documentation. The student will be responsible for clearing any outstanding balance with the University when granted this leave. Students holding medical leave status are not normally provided with academic supervision or access to the university's facilities or services and exceptions are granted only with the express permission of the Dean. When a student on medical leave of absence wishes to return, within the pre-determined timeframe, further medical documentation is required to confirm his or her ability to resume course work. The Dean will evaluate the request to determine the course of studies for completion of the degree requirements. The student may be required to repeat previously taken courses to ensure currency of program competencies, outcomes and knowledge at the time of degree completion. Students who are unable to return within the pre-determined timeframe will be required to obtain further medical documentation substantiating a further extension or may have their status changed to "Required to Withdraw." Due to program capacities, seats will not be reserved for students on leave. Every effort will be made to accommodate students who wish to return from a leave; however, if a seat in the program is not available when the student wishes to return, the leave will be extended to the next available intake date and the student's program completion deadline will be adjusted accordingly.