Heidi Dewald

Master of Arts in Conflict Analysis and Management

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I’ve learned to think critically and ask the right kind of questions.

“Professionally, my RRU experience enabled me to write at a higher level and gain a new understanding of critical thinking and teamwork. Personally, the experience allowed me to access opportunities I never had before.

The biggest impact was my practicum with the Integrated Personnel Support Centre (IPSC) for ill/injured members of the Canadian Armed Forces. This experience changed my opinion and minimized my bias toward the organization. I was fully able to realize the importance of IPSC by being fully immersed in the system. I feel that the practicum portion of my program changed my overall perspective on life. I learned to think critically when entering an organization and ask the right kind of questions, as well as the importance of minimizing my own bias and forming my own opinion. I believe that with the education I have received from Royal Roads University I can make a difference; not only in the CAF, but within our larger community.”