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Join us for our next Alumni Chat: The Neuroscience of Success: Say good bye to procrastination & get going on any goal with RRU’s double alumna Jill McAbe, MA Leadership & Executive Coaching who is an author and coach in business success, purpose, and the science of high performance and change.  As a lifelong student of social science, Jill has dedicated her career to the science of turning dreams into reality. 

Jill's bestselling book, It's Go Time, helps professionals, expertise-based entrepreneurs, and anyone who wants to reinvent themselves understand a step-by-step model to discover one’s purpose, next life mission, and see their dreams through to fruition.

Established in 2018, Jill launched BOOM U, your go-to source for starting and scaling expertise-based businesses that thrive in an online economy.

An invitation to achieve a breakthrough for 2022

Would you like to learn how to achieve seemingly impossible goals — this includes goals youve tried and failed at in the past as well as goals in areas you feel blocked?

Ever hear the idea that if you put your goals out in the universe that they will just happen?

Sometimes those goals happen. But mostly not.

Why is that?

Its because some goals require more than just thinking about them.

How you set your goals and create plans makes the difference between achieving them, or not.

During this workshop you will learn:

  • neuroscience that will help you understand why youve achieved the success in some areas of your life, but not others
  • two common ways limiting patterns get programmed in your subconscious, without you even noticing
  • simple steps to follow to(re)program your subconscious to get going on any goal you want, without willpower

This workshop is a must attend if youve ever struggled with procrastination or willpower, or you are interested in learning how to make your success on ANY goal inevitable from now on.

Join us on Jan 19th, so you too can confidently achieve your seemingly impossible goals with the Neuroscience of Success.

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