De Anza College

Business Administration, Associate in Arts Degree or Associate in Science degree; Management Associate in Arts degree

Royal Roads University

Bachelor of Arts in Global Tourism Management

Effective dates


RRU agrees to facilitate the block transfer of students from the following programs at De Anza College with appropriate prerequisite qualifications into the third year of any of the Bachelor of Arts in Global Tourism Management (BAGTM) degree at RRU:

  • Business Administration, Associate in Arts Degree (A.A.) 
  • Business Administration, Associate in Science Degree for Transfer (A.S.-T.)
  • Management, Associate in Arts Degree (A.A.)

By this agreement, applicants from De Anza who meet the requirements outlined below will be eligible for admission to RRU with full block transfer, provided all other entrance criteria are met (per the program admission requirements on the RRU website) and space remains available in the applicable program.

For admission into the BAGTM degree program, students must successfully complete:

  • The Business Administration A.A., Business Administration A.S.-T. or, Management A.A. with a minimum ‘B’ (3.0/4.0) GPA* over a minimum of 60 post-secondary credits (or equivalent); and
  • A resume/CV showing at least 400 hours of tourism/hospitality related work experience.

*Cumulative GPA refers to the overall grade point average across multiple quarters. Only courses taken toward a student’s Associate Degree (A.A. or A.A.-T./A.S.-T.) will be used in this calculation. Any courses taken outside of the A.A. or A.A.-T./A.S.-T would be assessed on a case by case basis (normally to the benefit of the student).