Study permit extension

Learn more about extending your study permit in Canada

Every study permit has an expiry date, which lets you know when you need to stop studying or leave Canada. It's important to remember your study permit expiry date.

We advise you to apply early for a study permit extension if you're planning to study in Canada beyond the expiry date of your current study permit. 

Note: You can apply for a study permit extension within Canada only.

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Study permit extension overview

When to apply?

As early as possible before your current study permit expires.

How to apply?

You must apply online, unless you cannot due to a disability or a problem with the online application form.

What to do if your study permit expired?

If you want to stay in Canada and continue to study, apply for a new study permit and restore status.

There are additional fees to restore your status and you won't be eligible to study until you receive a new study permit.

Processing Time

Processing times vary. Visit this IRCC page to check current processing times.

Application form and IRCC guide on how to complete the application form

IMM5709 - Application to Change Conditions, Extend my Stay or Remain in Canada as a Student

Guide 5552 – Applying to Change Conditions or Extend Your Stay in Canada – Student – online application

Frequently Asked Questions 

Review IRCC's frequently asked questions page to learn more about extending or replacing your study permit.

Study permit extension fee

  • $150 CAD for study permit extension
  • No fee for co-op work permit
  • $85 CAD for biometrics (if required)

Application fees vary. You will pay the fees online after you upload all the documents.

You can find information on fees in the application guides.

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Steps to submit the study permit extension: online application