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Constitutes a substantial written examination of a topic relevant to the program of study. The scope should be appropriate for the requirements of the MA in Interdisciplinary Studies. Topics need not be original contributions to knowledge, but may constitute exercises in replication of relevant studies, application of knowledge to the field, development of instructional practices or policy analysis or development, surveys, creative work, documentary work and other types of projects negotiated with the program director. Standards of validity and academic rigor apply as appropriate to the nature of the research paper, whether it be a theoretical analysis, empirical study or naturalistic inquiry. Some, but not necessarily all, research-related learning outcomes of the program will be demonstrated in the graduating paper. The optimum length for a research paper is 6,000 words; it should require approximately 200 hours of effort by the student resulting in the awarding of 6 credit hours. Pre-requisites: INDS500, INDS505, INDS510.