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The thesis is the culminating project of both MA and MSc streams of the Environment Management program. It must demonstrate rigorous, applied research on a specific topic directly related to the objectives of the program, in a paper approximately 50 pages in length. MA thesis: an evaluation of the ecological, social, political, economic, or legal implications of particular sustainable development policies, regulations, and practices; and/or a detailed case study of the ecological, social, political, economic, legal, scientific dimensions (or some combination of these) of a specific environmental problem area or crisis. MSc thesis: a scientific study, i.e. one that involves the collection, processing, and analysis of data (or synthesis of existing information) in pursuit of testing a hypothesis, of a particular sustainable development issue or procedure; or a detailed and scientifically-based case study of the environmental issues central to a particular area or resource industry or a particular issue in, for example, toxicology, ecological sustainability, or technology. Pre-requisite: ENVR550.