Chido Chinyani

Bachelor of Arts in Global Tourism Management

I loved being part of a cohort.

“Having already graduated from a diploma program back East, I decided a bachelor’s degree would help advance my career into managerial positions. I found the BA in Global Tourism Management courses covered topics I hadn’t had the chance to explore in college. And, of course, mild winters and living and learning so close to the ocean also held some allure.

With each course I took, I saw my career opportunities grow and grow. And the program’s cohort model was amazing. I loved the various experiences and backgrounds in my cohort, and I still draw from those interactions to navigate the workplace and build on team work.  

From the great instructors and broad selection of pertinent courses to the field trips, Royal Roads offered excellent experiences and learning opportunities. All of which has helped me in my current role as Coordinator at a Tourism Destination Organization.

Royal Roads gave me the knowledge I needed to get ahead. I remember the first board meeting I attended, I thought, ‘Wow, I actually know what they are talking about and I can contribute to this conversation as an equal.’

Now I have the confidence to put myself out there and gain even more insight into this industry.”