Catherine Wan

Bachelor of Arts in International Hotel Management

I love to travel, this is why I chose to pursue a hospitality degree.

“I love to travel, which is why I chose to pursue a degree in hospitality. I also wanted to study in Canada to experience the diversity of education and culture in the West. Royal Roads University came highly recommended because of its outstanding reputation in the hospitality industry. And, as I found out, for good reason.

Small classes create an effective learning environment and enable instructors to provide one-on-one support. The instructors are very involved and provided networking opportunities and field trips that allowed us to visit hotels to broaden our horizons and learn about BC's hospitality sector.

Royal Roads’ International Hotel Management program offers a perfect combination of academic curriculum and hands-on learning. Through it, I gained valuable experience on two internships and even did a semester abroad in Europe one summer. These opportunities helped me build a network and follow my passion.

I currently hold a position as a front desk agent that I was able to keep after finishing my final internship. I've been able to build valuable relationships with my colleagues and manager, which allows me to contribute greatly to my team.

I highly recommend Royal Roads to anyone interested in joining the hospitality industry.”