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The Transition Award is available to Adult Basic Education (ABE) students who have completed, or will be completing, a minimum of three Adult Basic Education (ABE) courses at a BC public post-secondary institution this year and are planning to enroll in full time public post-secondary studies at a BC institution the upcoming year.


  • transitioning from ABE to a full-time post-secondary course load this year.
  • are Canadian citizens, permanent residents (landed immigrants), convention refugees, or protected persons living in Canada; and
  • are residents of British Columbia, defined as having a primary residence in BC for at least 12 months prior to the date of the award application
  • have clearly demonstrated meaningful volunteer and/or community service*
  • can describe clear career/life and education goals.

*Applicants who can demonstrate family and/or employment obligations that limited volunteer and/or community service opportunities will be considered eligible.

How to apply

Visit the BC Scholarship Society webpage to learn more about this award.