Approval to have ‘laddering’ lower level credential documented while enrolled in a program leading to a higher level credential

In general, undergraduate or graduate students are eligible to receive only the credential associated with the specific program to which they have been admitted, provided they meet the program requirements (e.g., students enrolled in a master’s degree program are not entitled to receive a graduate certificate or graduate diploma even if they complete these requirements as a part of their master’s degree program).

  1. Notwithstanding this restriction, students in degree programs starting on or after September 1, 2019, who complete the requirements for a certificate or diploma of a different name as a part of the requirements for a degree, are eligible to receive these lower level credentials upon request, with the approval of the dean and registrar, and following the payment of the admission application fee for each credential.

  2. Students who wish to withdraw from a program with a higher level credential after completing the course requirements for an embedded lower level credential may request a program transfer and, upon approval, may then be eligible to receive the lower level credential.