Admission Requirements for Kenya

Minimum Credential Requirements

The chart below identifies the most common credentials we receive. If you have completed a credential not listed, but that typically meets the entry requirements for further post-secondary education in the country of origin, we will review the documents for comparability during the credential evaluation process.

Remember to review the program-specific admission requirements to ensure that you have met all other admission and application requirements.

Minimum Credentials Required

Year 3 Admission

  • 2-3 year Ordinary or Higher Diploma (in a related field); 2 completed full-time years of a 4-year degree 

Graduate Admission

  • 4-year bachelor’s degree 

*Literal (word-for-word), certified translations are required for documents that are not officially issued in English by the responsible authority of your institution.

Required documents

If you are not submitting an evaluation report from an external credential evaluation agency, supply the following:





Clear, legible photocopies of all certificates, diplomas, degree certificates issued by the appropriate awarding authority at the institutions attended 


Please submit a clear photocopy or electronic copy of degree certificates to RRU 


Academic transcripts showing all subjects completed and all grades awarded for all years of post-secondary study 

To be considered official:

Please request for academic transcripts to be sent directly to RRU by the institution(s) attended (recommended).


Or you may obtain official copies of your transcripts from the awarding academic institution. The transcripts must be stamped and sealed by the appropriate authority and submitted to RRU in the original sealed envelope. If the envelope has previously been opened the documents are no longer considered official and cannot be accepted. 

Please note: Notarized documents alone are not considered official. 

Do not send your original issued academic documents unless requested by RRU.