Diversity statement

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Our diversity statement

Diversity enriches community, expands learning, and advances knowledge.

Royal Roads University acknowledges and celebrates the diversity of our community, which is shaped by our complex identities, life experiences, and perspectives.

We strive to increase understanding, appreciation, and engagement with each other, thereby making us more compassionate human beings and strengthening the fabric of our communities.

To achieve this, we commit to:

  • facilitating educational experiences, research opportunities, and a workplace environment that reflect and benefit from the diversity of our communities
  • fostering an environment that is open, inclusive, safe, respectful, and fair, and in which a diversity of ideas are able to flourish

Our expectation is that we will support one another in fulfilling these commitments, thereby cultivating a whole, thriving community that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Diversity Statement Consultation and Renewal 2022

The Diversity Action Group has committed to facilitating a community consultation on the Diversity Statement every three years to ensure that the statement evolves to reflect the Royal Roads community’s changing awareness, needs and values.  
An initial consultation on the Diversity Statement, which included a brief survey, a Padlet, and synchronous online discussions, was conducted in February and March 2022 to gather feedback on the Diversity Statement from the Royal Roads community. The feedback gathered through these activities has been incorporated into an updated draft of the Diversity Statement. A plain language review was also conducted as part of this drafting process.

We are now seeking feedback on the updated Diversity Statement. After feedback has been gathered and integrated into the statement, the final statement will be shared with the Royal Roads community through email and posted to the university website. 

Complete a brief survey to share your feedback

To share your feedback, complete a brief survey that asks you open-ended questions about the renewed Diversity Statement. The survey will be open until July 24, 2022.

Questions? Email the Diversity Action Group.

Diversity Action Group

Visit the Diversity Action Group page for more information or to contact us about diversity at Royal Roads.