Mark Fulton

Associate faculty

Executive Education
Leadership Studies

The focus of Mark Fulton’s work is helping organizations create workplace cultures that provide winning conditions for success and generating high performance results. His research interests include building high performance cultures, values based leadership and whole system change.


Fulton has worked with thousands of frontline leaders, senior executive teams and intact project teams in a broad range of organizations from public service ministries and agencies to large multi-national corporations, high technology start-ups and not-for-profit associations. Fulton brings a depth and breadth of knowledge, skill and experience that is highly respected and an engaging style that quickly builds trust at all levels of the organization.

He is certified in mediation and conflict resolution, large group intervention, cultural transformation tools, Myers Briggs Type Indicator, strength deployment inventory and Benchmarks 360.


Bachelor of Arts

University of Alberta

Master of Arts in Human Systems Intervention

University of Concordia