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Delivery Model

Research indicates that it is important for prospective members of an organization to understand as much as possible about the culture of that organization before entering it. This understanding has been shown to directly relate to increased satisfaction and tenure. For prospective members of the Royal Roads University and BCom learning community, it’s important to understand some of the fundamental aspects of our learning and teaching model, which, for some, may be different from what they have experienced elsewhere.

Learning Community

The BCom program embraces a learning community model.  Students along with faculty actively participate in the learning process. Ownership of learning outcomes is shared among all participants. Students learn from each other, as well as faculty, team coaches, and program staff. High levels of student engagement are expected. Questions are as important as answers. The ability to cope with change is essential and a critical entrepreneurial skill. Courses and learning experiences adapt and evolve as the need and context changes. Moreover, our program approach and content is not always traditional. We value learning as a social process, which requires each of us to accept responsibility for the learning experience we create for ourselves and others, regardless of our educational and work-related background.

Team Work

Consistent with the learning community model, a major part of the BCom student experience is learning in and through teams. Most courses include team-based projects and activities to equip learners with the skills and know-how to leverage collective effort and intelligence, and navigate the complexities of working collaboratively with others. Consequently, students need to have the willingness and ability to co-create their learning experience and see the advantages of team-based learning. This is a particularly notable aspect of the Royal Roads University culture. While individual effort and performance is respected, we believe it is important to achieve results within an atmosphere that values the diverse and unique contributions that each learner brings to the team and cohort. For some, this may be especially demanding, but ultimately rewarding.


Students should understand that the BCom is an intensive program that demands active contribution and sustained effort throughout, not unlike life in business. While the program is structured and supported to enable learners to be successful, learners must be prepared to invest the time and energy it takes to meet the program learning objectives. Like so many things in life, you get out what you put in.