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Juan Navarro


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Tourism and Hospitality Management


Juan Navarro is a researcher, educator and entrepreneur with knowledge and hands-on experience in the private and public sectors in the areas of regional economics, economic development, entrepreneurship, business administration, finance, international trade, free trade agreements and higher education. As a researcher, his analytic reports have been issued by universities, research centres and leading institutions. His recent report, The Trans-Pacific Partnerships and-the Pacific Alliance: complementary-agreements toward higher regional economic integration in the Asia Pacific Region, was written for the Asia-Pacific Foundation of Canadaand was presented by Canada´s delegation during the International meeting of the APEC Business Advisory Council in Peru in November 2016.


As Director at CMX Partnerships, Navarro dedicated his efforts to promoting business opportunities, encouraging the construction of collaborative agreements and organizing trade and educational missions to Canada. As an entrepreneur, his international trade company, Arriba Mexico Food Company, opened market for new brands and it was acknowledged as one of the top five companies in the province at the SBBC Awards in 2016. Navarro served for 10 years as an economist at the Central Bank in Mexico analyzing local economies in 10 states, completing analytic reports and working as a liaison person with local governments, industry associations and stakeholders. He also taught corporate finance, investment projects analysis and financial mathematics at Tec de MonterreyandPanamericana University. Navarro recently joined Study Group as admissions manager at Royal Roads University. He is a member of the Canadian International Council, mentor of young entrepreneurs into the Futurpreneur Canada organization, a frequent speaker at business events and an active member of the business community. 


Navarro holds a Master of Global Management from Royal Roads University (2015), a Master of Finance from Tec de Monterrey (2001) and a Bachelor of Business Administration from Tec de Monterrey (1998). Navarro also holds a Diploma in Economics from Universidad of Guadalajara (2012) and a Diploma in Public Finance from World Bank Institute and Tec de Monterrey (2011). Navarro received the Founders’ Award from Royal Roads University in 2015.