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Hear what our students and alumni have to say about their experience at Royal Roads University.

Bachelor of Arts in Professional Communication

Steven Jones

BA in Professional Communication

“This degree has opened my eyes to career tracks I had never considered.”
Nickolas Cherwinski

Nickolas Cherwinski

MA in Conflict Analysis and Management

“The program was well thought out and is applicable to the real world”
Derik Joseph

Derik Joseph

MA in Professional Communication

“I developed relevant skills and opened doors to multidisciplinary projects through my program”

Joe Shuker

BA in Professional Communication

“Learning with other professionals enabled me to compare and share knowledge and best practices.”
Sean Bourrie, Developing Leadership Impact Graduate Certificate Alumni

Sean Bourrie

Developing Leadership Impact

“The campus environment was truly extraordinary.”
Vanessa Thomas, MA Interdisciplinary Studies

Vanessa Thomas

MA in Interdisciplinary Studies

“When I talk about Royal Roads University, my eyes light up.”
Shawn Morris, BA in Professional Communication Student

Shawn Morris

BA in Professional Communication

“The BA in Professional Communication is intense, but fantastic.”
Cheryl Heykoop, Doctor of Social Sciences

Cheryl Heykoop

Doctor of Social Sciences

“The online platform readily supports group writing, reflection and collaboration.”
Bachelor of Commerce Royal Roads University

Amanda McGregor

Bachelor of Commerce

“The online world at Royal Roads created an immense skill set for me”
Yusuf Mohammed BA in Professional Communication Student

Yusuf Mohammed

BA in Professional Communication

“My experience here at RRU has been both rewarding and surprising.”
Andrew Young, MA Environmental Education & Communication

Andrew Young

MA in Environmental Education and Communication

“I enjoyed the variety of learners, cultures, and ideas all working together.”
Kim Boulter - MA in Leadership

Kim Boulter

MA in Leadership

“The material covered was relevant and diverse, and offered new and interesting perspectives”

Michelle Seaboyer

MA in Educational Leadership and Management

“I learned strategies that inform my existing responsibilities and equip me for the future.”
Nicole Auser, BA in Professional Communication Student

Nicole Auser

BA in Professional Communication

“My time here at RRU has been invaluable.”

Thoralf Gran-Ruaz

Master of Business Administration, Bachelor of Commerce

“It was the perfect blend of learning for the stage of life that I was at. ”
Sylwia Knapczyk, Master of Global Management Student

Sylwia Knapczyk

Master of Global Management

“This is one of the best things you can do.”