Hear what our students and alumni have to say about their experience at Royal Roads University.

Vanessa Higgins, MSc Environment & Management

Vanessa Higgins

MSc in Environment and Management

“My instructors were expressive, passionate, intelligent, and open to new ideas.”

Shawn Reed

MA in Learning and Technology

“I have already been able to apply what I learned in the MALAT program.”
Emily Francis, BSc Environmental Science

Emily Francis

BSc in Environmental Science

“The focus on hands-on learning and teamwork helped build skills I can use in any workplace.”
Dapo Bankole, MA in Leadership

Dapo Bankole

Master of Arts in Leadership

“I chose to pursue higher education because of my desire to make a change in the world”

Thoralf Gran-Ruaz

Master of Business Administration, Bachelor of Commerce

“It was the perfect blend of learning for the stage of life that I was at. ”
MJ Bataa, MA in Higher Education and Leadership

MJ Bataa

Master of Arts in Higher Education and Leadership

“RRU’s blended learning model provided me with the flexibility that I needed as a new mother”
Sam Jaroudi

Sam Jaroudi

MA in Conflict Analysis and Management

“I learned to appreciate every conflict as a learning opportunity rather than a threat”
Scott Robinson, MA in Leadership

Scott Robinson

MA in Leadership

“I learned from others in this program and was challenged and supported in ways I never imagined”
Sandy Balascak, MA Interdisciplinary Studies

Sandy Balascak

MA in Interdisciplinary Studies

“The ability to choose my own courses created an opportunity for real learning.”
Cheryl Heykoop, Doctor of Social Sciences

Cheryl Heykoop

Doctor of Social Sciences

“The online platform readily supports group writing, reflection and collaboration.”
Hilary Jandricic, MA in Higher Education Administration & Leadership

Hilary Jandricic

MA in Higher Education Administration and Leadership

“I use my RRU education daily: discussing leadership initiatives or in conversation with my team”
Lana Gonzalez Balyk, MA in Human Security and Peacebuilding

Lana Gonzalez Balyk

MA in Human Security and Peacebuilding

“The program influenced my personal development, challenging me to think in new ways.”
Gayle Bedard

Gayle Bedard

MA in Conflict Analysis and Management

“I learned much about self-awareness, beyond just cultural identity”
Nicole Auser, BA in Professional Communication Student

Nicole Auser

BA in Professional Communication

“My time here at RRU has been invaluable.”
Heidi Dewald

Heidi Dewald

MA in Conflict Analysis & Management

“The diversity of my cohort allowed me to view situations from other perspectives”
Jennifer Chernoff, BA Interdisciplinary Studies

Jennifer Chernoff

BA in Interdisciplinary Studies

“I was able to tailor my program to meet my needs, today and for the future.”