Hear what our students and alumni have to say about their experience at Royal Roads University.

Vanessa Higgins, MSc Environment & Management

Vanessa Higgins

MSc in Environment and Management

“My instructors were expressive, passionate, intelligent, and open to new ideas.”

Chantal Locke

MA in Educational Leadership and Management

“This program will help me develop the qualities to be an effective leader in the educational system.”
Wanja Munaita

Wanja Munaita

MA in Human Security and Peace Building

“The vibrant and diverse cohort and campus experience exceeded anything I had imagined.”
Stewart Dickson, MA in Human Security and Peacebuilding

Stewart Dickson

MA in Human Security and Peacebuilding

“The program clarifies why excellence in public service is needed and how to accomplish it.”
Glenda Wyatt, MSc Environment & Management

Glenda Wyatt

MSc in Environment and Management

“The instructors are passionate about their subject matter and the RRU learning model.”
Nick Stanger, MA Environmental Education & Communication

Nick Stanger

MA in Environmental Education and Communication

“The experience of my cohort provided insights my relatively few years might not have understood.”
Chido Chinyani, BA in Global Tourism Management

Chido Chinyani

BA in Global Tourism Management

“The faculty is extremely committed to every student’s understanding and learning of the material”
Bachelor of Commerce Royal Roads University

Bryn Knauf

Bachelor of Commerce

“Today, I look at business problems with a real-world entrepreneurial vision.”
Tracy Steere, MA Interdisciplinary Studies

Tracy Steere

MA in Interdisciplinary Studies

“I used to think a university education was beyond my reach.”

Robynne Devine

Graduate Certificate in Leadership

“I can't imagine performing my current role without the learning I received from Royal Roads”
Susan Farquharson, MA Environment & Management

Susan Farquharson

MA in Environment and Management

“My ability to employ an integrated approach to analyze professional situations has improved.”

Michelle Seaboyer

MA in Educational Leadership and Management

“I learned strategies that inform my existing responsibilities and equip me for the future.”

Paul Jen

BA in Professional Communication

“Emotionally my cohort and the professors supported me; this is a safe space to learn”
Muhammad Israr

Muhammad Israr

MA in Disaster and Emergency Management

“The peaceful learning environment of the campus created an interesting and rich experience.”
Karan Wadhwani

Karan Wadhwani

Bachelor of Commerce in Entrepreneurial Management

“You really learn from others – gaining experience from their past and work ethics”
Janis Hutton

Janis Hutton

Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching

“I learned as much from others in my cohort as I did from the deliverables.”