Hear what our students and alumni have to say about their experience at Royal Roads University.

Wanja Munaita

Wanja Munaita

MA in Human Security and Peace Building

“The vibrant and diverse cohort and campus experience exceeded anything I had imagined.”
Daniel Dietrich, MSc Environmental Practice

Daniel Dietrich

MSc in Environmental Practice

“My degree has helped me see the big picture and prioritize what is important.”
Amanda Mitchell, MA Environmental Practice

Amanda Mitchell

MA in Environmental Practice

“I learned just as much from my classmates and our interactions as I did from the professors.”
Olivia Allen, BSc Environmental Science

Olivia Allen

BSc in Environmental Science

“I expected RRU to be beautiful, challenging and full of new experiences. And it was.”
Cheryl Heykoop, Doctor of Social Sciences

Cheryl Heykoop

Doctor of Social Sciences

“The online platform readily supports group writing, reflection and collaboration.”

Alexandra Graves

BA in Professional Communication

“The school blends practical and theoretical in a way that gives the practical work necessary context”
Nygil Goggins, BSc Environmental Science

Nygil Goggins

BSc in Environmental Science

“The skills and knowledge I took away have been relevant both professionally and personally.”
Glenda Wyatt, MSc Environment & Management

Glenda Wyatt

MSc in Environment and Management

“The instructors are passionate about their subject matter and the RRU learning model.”
Emma Swan

Emma Swan

MA in Human Security and Peace Building

“My instructors possess a love for education and contributing to the next generation of practitioners”
Steve Minten, MA in Learning and Technology student

Steven Minten

Master of Arts in Learning and Technology

“Royal Roads helped me connect with my students and create a more meaningful learning environment”
Susie Colby, MA in Global Leadership

Susie Colby

MA in Global Leadership

“I have learned much from the diverse experience of my cohort”
Sukhdip Sidhu, MSc in Environmental Practice

Sukhdip Sidhu

MSc in Environmental Practice

“The online program gave me the ability to work at my own pace in my own space.”
Sandy Balascak, MA Interdisciplinary Studies

Sandy Balascak

MA in Interdisciplinary Studies

“The ability to choose my own courses created an opportunity for real learning.”
Katherine MacRae, MA in Tourism Management

Katherine MacRae

Master of Arts in Tourism Management

“The courses not only gave me a greater skill set but also provided real-world learning opportunities”
Vanessa Bell, BSc Environmental Management

Vanessa Bell

BSc in Environmental Management

“The program's given me professional credibility, opening doors that would have otherwise been closed”
Chelsea Smith, BA in Global Tourism Management

Chelsea Smith

BA in Global Tourism Management

“I wouldn’t be in the professional environment I am today without my educational background”